Ways to Travel Without Leaving Your House During COVID-19

Ways to Travel Without Leaving Your House During COVID-19

Ways to Travel Without Leaving Your House During COVID-19

Ways to Travel Without Leaving Your House During Social Distancing and Staying Home:


Indulge in your Wanderlust ~
1. Look at some of the world’s most beautiful libraries
2. Daydream about sailing along Turkey's Turquoise coast
3. Make a list of all those places you'd like to go next
4. Visit your favorite U.S. National Parks on Google Earth (and a few you've yet to see, too)
5. Pick a trip that has to be booked one year in advance
6. And then create a Pinterest board to gather inspiration for it
7. Consider an epic train trip for the future and start plotting your route
8. Take a look at some of the most colorful places in the world
9. Or plan an itinerary around Pantone's color of 2020
10. Bookmark beautiful Airbnbs for the future (and maybe get some home decor inspo while you're at it)
11. Watch walking tours of places you haven't been, or want to revisit (ex: virtual tours of museums)
12. Explore the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites
13. Start a Google Maps list filled with bookmarked restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, museums, bookstores, and more that you dream of visiting one day
14. Steal a little travel inspiration from your favorite celebrities
15. Spin around Google Earth with the I'm Feeling Lucky button
16. Fantasize about which hidden beaches you'll hit next time you're Italy
17. Or if you're so inclined, Hawaii
18. Imagine sleeping underwater, right on the Great Barrier Reef


Hone Your Photography Skills ~
1. Discover how Gray Malin made trippy photos of Bolivia's salt flats
2. Up your astrophotography game
3. Follow some of your favorite travel photographers on Instagram
4. Improve your own iPhone photography
5. Or go a little retro and make photo books out of your old vacation photos
6. Research a new camera like the pros do
7. And then get their tips on how to nail that shot


Lose Yourself in Your Favorite Reads ~
1. Read memoirs by some of the world's most adventurous women
2. Browse an extensive list of the travel books
3. Pick up a book that will transport you
4. Find out what other women who travel have been reading
5. And then load it up to your Kindle with everything you've just bought
6. Add some travel inspo to your coffee table with some tomes
7. And if you're feeling motivated, start journaling about your own travels


Soothe with Online Retail Therapy ~
1. Buy a luxurious pair of pajamas that you'll never be ashamed to travel with
2. Splurge on something from that shop you dream of returning to one day
3. Buy destination-inspired scented candles and have them burn all day long inside your house
4. Pick up a coffee subscription and get to know beans from around the world—it will make your WFH caffeine routine way more fun
5. Redecorate your place with a Paris theme


Dabble in Some Self-Improvement ~
1. Learn a new language with Duolingo
2. And then jump into a foreign language film
3. Practice visualization meditation to get a head start on figuring out your next trip
4. Learn the art of Japanese calligraphy
5. Finally, take the time to practice becoming an organized traveler
6. Keep your fitness up with free workout apps to do in hotels or Airbnb
7. Do some redecorating inspired by your favorite hotels around the world


Find Something New to Talk About During Your Zoom Calls ~
1. Tour the world's most beautiful abandoned places
2. Find out what a night at a space hotel might look like
3. Jump between the Arctic's Lonely Island and Pukapuka in the Pacific, in Judith Schlansky's Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands
4. Learn about Sardinia's annual pagan exorcism (seriously)
5. Get to know the fascinating history of Jewish temples in the Caribbean
6. Enjoy some of the world's greatest museums, symphonies, and operas from your couch
7. Read up on the ancient history of destinations you hope to visit in the future, like ruins right in the middle of Lima
8. Marvel at Bolivian architect Freddy Mamani's otherworldly architecture in La Paz
9. Absorb a digital art exhibit like Ireland’s Connemara mountains
10. Go back in time to the golden age of travel
11. Or if it all feels a little too high-brow, watch a Livestream of Giant Pandas


Expand Your Music Repertoire ~
1. And then turn up the volume on some noise-canceling headphones
2. Escape to Lisbon with Portuguese Fado music
3. Stream a random radio station from somewhere far away with the Radio Garden project
4. Search a country's top 50 hits on Spotify to listen to music from around the world
5. Have a dance party and blast some calypso soca music from Trinidad
6. Research all the jazz clubs you'll want to hit up when you finally get to New Orleans


Enjoy traveling from home and stay safe mates!

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